September 9, 2011
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The End of the White Outsider
The Daily Beast

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Straight Edge, Winding Story: Ten Thousand Saints
The L Magazine

Rock and Roll (Ned Vizzini)
Los Angeles Review of Books

Tall Tales, Big Words and Gator-Wrestling... It's Swamplandia!
The L Magazine

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
[available in hard copy only, $5]
I Love Bad Movies

37 literary resolutions for 2011. What's yours?
Los Angeles Times

The Year's Best and Worst Book Trailers
The L Magazine

The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney: Applause, Please
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Angels, Demons and Blockbusters
New York Times
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Ned Vizzini | Writing
The Ultimate Teen Book Guide [contribution]
December 26, 2007
I contributed an essay on the classic young adult novel Hatchet to this collection.

Also, there are appreciations of Be More Chill and It's Kind of A Funny Story in this book, written by other writers.
Not Quite What I Was Planning [contribution]
February 5, 2008
In what became the first best-selling project I have been associated with, SMITH Magazine collected six-word memoirs from an array of authors in a nod to Hemingway's legendary (and possibly apocryphal) six-word short story.

I contributed the following memoir:

"Oh shit! No way? Yeah, dude."

This book was later released for the Amazon Kindle and in an expanded deluxe edition.

This book was co-edited by Rachel Fershleiser.
Through The Wardrobe [contribution]
April 1, 2008
Edited by Herbie Brennan, this collection features an essay I wrote about The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, "Reading the Right Books."

This collection was reprinted with a different cover in conjunction with the 2010 Voyage of the Dawn Treader film.

This book is also available on Amazon Kindle.
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Early Articles, Reviews, and Columns
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Teen Angst? Nah!
[the piece that inspired the book]
New York Times

Sick Passenger
[possibly my best story ever]
New York Press

Bad Barber
[REJECTED by New York Press, previously unpublished]
New York Press

Peak Contraction
[me at the gym]
New York Press

Why I Still Hate Rap
New York Press

Schizo Rock
[RIP, Wesley]
New York Press

Bjorn Again
New York Press

What the Hell is Kaiju?
New York Press

Since When: Brent Camponi, Rising Legend, and His TV Show; Natan, Who Sings Like a Bastard; Church Ladies for Choice; A Jeff Buckley Book
New York Press

Since When: Straight-Edge Vegan Hardcore at Roseland; Cool Japanese Porn; George Tabb Presents Unsigned Bands at CBGB; Some Abused Girls Are Hot
New York Press