September 9, 2011
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The End of the White Outsider
The Daily Beast

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Straight Edge, Winding Story: Ten Thousand Saints
The L Magazine

Rock and Roll (Ned Vizzini)
Los Angeles Review of Books

Tall Tales, Big Words and Gator-Wrestling... It's Swamplandia!
The L Magazine

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
[available in hard copy only, $5]
I Love Bad Movies

37 literary resolutions for 2011. What's yours?
Los Angeles Times

The Year's Best and Worst Book Trailers
The L Magazine

The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney: Applause, Please
The L Magazine

Angels, Demons and Blockbusters
New York Times
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Ned Vizzini | Writing
Be More Chill (Dutch) [Paperback]
September 1, 2005
In Holland, Be More Chill is published by The House of Books as De chill-pil.
Be More Chill (French) [Paperback]
August 1, 2006
In France, Be More Chill is published by Gallimard for in their "Scripto" series of books.

The Scripto series has included books by Joyce Carol Oates and Melvin Burgess.

The title, Cool de chez Cool, translates to "Cool in Cool".
Be More Chill (Hebrew) [Paperback]
May 1, 2007
In Israel, Be More Chill is published in Hebrew by Matar Publishing.

(This should clear things up for the person from Israel who emailed me asking if his squip would speak to him in English or Hebrew.)
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Early Articles, Reviews, and Columns
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Teen Angst? Nah!
[the piece that inspired the book]
New York Times

Sick Passenger
[possibly my best story ever]
New York Press

Bad Barber
[REJECTED by New York Press, previously unpublished]
New York Press

Peak Contraction
[me at the gym]
New York Press

Why I Still Hate Rap
New York Press

Schizo Rock
[RIP, Wesley]
New York Press

Bjorn Again
New York Press

What the Hell is Kaiju?
New York Press

Since When: Brent Camponi, Rising Legend, and His TV Show; Natan, Who Sings Like a Bastard; Church Ladies for Choice; A Jeff Buckley Book
New York Press

Since When: Straight-Edge Vegan Hardcore at Roseland; Cool Japanese Porn; George Tabb Presents Unsigned Bands at CBGB; Some Abused Girls Are Hot
New York Press