...Me dancing. Naturally this is short. (You will need Windows Media Player or something that plays .wmvs to stream this and other files.)


...Me reading from my forthcoming book Be More Chill.

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...A spot on Teen Angst? Naaah... (from the show "Study With The Best" on NYC cable).


...Me speaking at a school in Cleveland, OH. This will give you a good idea what I do when I visit schools.


...Me trying stand-up comedy. I haven't tried it since.
[P A R E N T A L   A D V I S O R Y]


...What were you doing on 9/10/2001? Well, I was hanging out with Fabrice of Milli Vanilli. (Remember from "Behind the Music," Rob and Fab? This was Fab.) This somewhat bizarre video was put together by my friend Marcus and features some of my friends and I engaged in New York nightlife in the last night before 9/11. There's more on Fabrice in the links.


2003Ned Vizzini