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(age 13):

"Pants In The Mail"


...In my book Teen Angst? Naaah..., I started a band called Wormwhole. Many, many people have emailed me asking for the Wormwhole demo, since in the book I said that first five people who contacted me about it would be allowed to buy it. Sadly, for years, Wormwhole was lost forever. We never really had a demo; we just had one tape that we recorded in my friend Ike's bedroom.

But then, one day, I was trying to make a mix tape on my stereo. I popped in an old tape to see if it was something I could tape over, and there was all this weird religious chanting music. Then, out of the blue, literally sent by divine intervention, was the Wormwhole tape! I don't know how it got into the middle of the tape, but my friend Marcus did a tape-to-mp3 and now, for free and forever, Wormwhole's two songs are above.


Other Music Created By Ned in His Illustrious 9-Year Career
Ned Vizzini Solo
(age 14):
(age 15-16):

"I Hate The Internet"

"Pop Song"

"Rain Van"

"Dollar To Live On"

"Notice Me"


"I Wanna Work In An Office"

"Shut Up Kurt Cobain, I Can't Even Get Laid"

"My Heart Is Yearning" [NOFX]

"Spice Girls Song"

"Notice Me" [alt. version]

The New Mexikans
(age 18-20):

The Day The Earth Stood Still
(age 21):

"Broken Eye"

"Kid Icarus"



"You Can't Fool Me"

Autobots [Rap / Hip-Hop]
P A R E N T A L   A D V I S O R Y
(age 21):
The Just Because
[my new band]
(age 22):


"It's Difficult"

"The People That Aren't a Whore"

...There you are. Music I helped make in my youth. To see what people thought was best, check the polls.


A Tribute to Video Game Music:

These 18 tracks, designed to be a CD but appreciable in any format, were compiled by DJ Ned Vizzini in 2003. They feature rappers, rockers and classical musicians performing the music of Koji Kondo, who composed the "Mario" and "Zelda" themes. Some extra oddities are thrown in; for the complete effect right-click and downlaod all tracks, then burn them--they fade into one another.

01. Bill Hicks - Save Willie - 1:04

02. Estradasphere - Mario Theme - 1:05

03. Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta - 5:06

04. Moby - Zelda Theme - 2:58

05. Coco Brovaz ft. Freaky Tah - Mario Theme - 3:39

06. Eminem - Freestyle Dis on Britney, Christina... - 1:04

07. DJ Q-Bert - Super Mario Brothers Theme (remix) - 3:21

08. Nine Inch Nails - The Legend of Zelda Theme (live) - 1:28

09. John Williams - Legend of Zelda Theme - 4:11

10. Brent Camponi - Theme from the Brent Camponi NYC Variety Show - 1:32

11. A. C. - Theme from the A-Team - 0:43

12. Goldfinger - Super Mario Bros Theme - 3:17

13. Brent Camponi - Space-Girl in Hollywodd - 1:26

14. System of a Down - Legend of Zelda Theme - 0:59

15. [Unknown] - Mega Man Flash Man Theme - 2:26

16. [Unknown] - Zelda's on my Jock - 1:01

17. V/A - All Your Base Are Belong to Us - 3:58

18. Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra - Mario Theme - 3:55

...Believe it or not, somebody actually likes this music! Alex from WI [10/22/03]:

Hey, I think it's great that you like video game music. It's so underrated, Koji Kondo is a genius, that is true. However, I think that Nobuo Uematsu makes even better music in the Final Fantasy series and Yasunori Mitsuda is brilliant also. Have you listened to any Final Fantasy music? You should do some remixes of those too. Long live video game music!


...Oh, gimme a break. I can't believe you'd actually look to me for music recommendations.

The best Nirvana site. When I absolutely have to write, Nirvana goes on. Must get bootletgs: Reading 8/30/92, Buenos Aires 10/30/92, Vienna 11/22/89.
"Life is not nearly as important as the appreciation of passion" -- K Cobain

Start with Queens of the Stone Age and learn. This is the best trend in rock. Yeah, one more thing... Don't do drugs.

Got into Weezer late. Listened to it a lot while writing Be More Chill.

Neal Pollack is one of those writers besides me who is "serious" about making music. His CD Never Mind the Pollacks is top-notch!

J.T. LeRoy is another one of those writers. His band Thistle kinda rocks.

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