In October 2003, got an email from the very competent and polite woman who was translating my 2nd book Be More Chill into German:

Hi, Ned Vizzini,

you wrote a great book! I translate it into German and there are some questions I would like you to answer as fast as possible as they gave me a terrible short deadline

Here we go:

p.25 Who is Rick James?
47 dur
64 phillies
70 pimpin
85 seeing eye dogs
87 poonanti
107 hairy necessaries
126 palsy, palsy-ish
214 For a guy, theres something dangling in front of your face or something sticking out your ass.

It would be most helpful, if you could interpret or circumscribe these expressions, so I can see if I am on the right track or not.

So there you go, a free preview of just some of the topics covered in Be More Chill. Also, in German, the title of the book will be simply "Cool".