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... "Admiring Feelings of a Graceful Lady" ... Performing one of my favorite advertising jingles for an audience in Cambride, MA 2/4/05 at the Dire Literary Series.(Thanks to Mai for taking the video! MPEG format. Should stream. For broadband or adventurous dial-up only.)

...On the Today Show with Judy Blume in New York, NY 11/18/04.
(Re-posted 2/2/05 -- now in QuickTime)

You can also get the extended Real Player version here


...Ned Vizzini REPORTING LIVE! See them all! (Posted 1/25/05.) (You will need QuickTime to view these files.)

[schemers who scam on my books]





...Reading at the WYSIWYG Talent Show in New York, NY 10/20/04. (Posted 11/24/04.) (You will need QuickTime to view this file.) (Also, please note: the file is long and will take some time to download. You also need to press play once it is downloaded.)


...Speaking at Midwood HS in Brooklyn 10/1/04. (Posted 11/18/04.) (You will need QuickTime to view this file.)


...Video from my the Squip Takes Over Tour 2004, 10/3/04 - 10/11/04. This is really hilarious, worth your time. (Posted 11/2/04.) (You will need QuickTime to view this file.)


...Video of my Be More Chill book party at the Knitting Factory in NYC (6/23/04) taken by Brent Camponi! (Posted 9/24/04.) (You will need Windows Media Player or something that plays .wmvs to stream this and subsequent files.)


...Meet The Author. (Posted 7/25/04.) A little synopsis with me about Be More Chill. Very tight and cool.


...The morphing video! (Posted 6/11/04.) See people who dig my writing morph into one another.


...Me reading from Be More Chill at the East Side Oral event which I hosted 3/14/04. Thanks to David Guida for the video!


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chapter 1

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chapter 2

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chapter 3

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...Me reading my short short story "A Beer Commits Suicide" live at East Side Oral in Manhattan 12/14/03. Flash photography causes video to glitch slightly around 3:50. Thanks to Marcus for taking video and to all who came! [P A R E N T A L   A D V I S O R Y]

"A Beer Commits Suicide"
8 minutes
broadband recommended


...Me reading from Be More Chill while wearing a burlap sack.

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[hi-fi]     [lo-fi]

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...Me dancing. Naturally this is short.


...A spot on Teen Angst? Naaah... (from the show "Study With The Best" on NYC cable).


...Me trying stand-up comedy. I haven't tried it since.
[P A R E N T A L   A D V I S O R Y]


...What were you doing on 9/10/2001? Well, I was hanging out with Fabrice of Milli Vanilli. (Remember from "Behind the Music," Rob and Fab? This was Fab.) This somewhat bizarre video was put together by my friend Marcus and features some of my friends and I engaged in New York nightlife in the last night before 9/11.


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