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Teen Angst? Naaah...

Beer, Nintendo and Teen Stuff--Let's Hear It For The Boys!
by Ned Vizzini
ISBN: 1-57542-084-8
Free Spirit Publishing
(800) 735-7323
Copyright 2000
240 pages, softcover
$12.95 (US)
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Teen Angst? Naaah...

now, from
Parents of teens will get a good laugh while reading Ned Vizzini's first book, a "quasi-autobiography". Ned writes about what it's like to a teen nerd--- from junior high through his senior year in high school.

Although fairly predictable, Ned puts his cards on the table and tells it like he sees it. You can read short stories on the life and times of Ned Vizzini--the high notes,the low notes and all the in-between notes. Ned is no ordinary guy. I mean, not every teen has a published book or has had a byline in The New York Times Magazine. Although not Dave Barry or Scott Adams, he takes a good stab at humorous writing, and in his case, it's quasi-autobiographical!

Although it wasn't a stroll past memory lane for me, it provided more insight on teens today from a guy's perspective. My 16-year-old daughter didn't care for this book, but many of Vizzini's tales were mildly funny in a weird sort of way.

It's not like this is a "tell-all" book. Asides from hanging out with street people, being "MetroCarded" and underage beer drinking, Vizzini's teen nerd years are rather predictable and dare I say, normal? Average may be the better word.

Peer pressure, embarrassment, obsessions, kissing, turning 18, SAT tests, college rejections (not necessarily in that order), it's all right here. Nintendo and Magic fans will totally relate to this dude.

Whether you read about Ned's first girlfriend, Judith, and his "Prom, Prom, Promises" or his decision to just say no to Cancun and yes to Jesus, this book is definitely about Teen Angst. Yeahhh...

Warning: You may enjoy this book more than your teen.

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