PowerOne Medias Zwire! is the industrys only all-in-one content and advertising publishing tool for newspapers. Zwire! is your online web site with local news, editorial, community events, classifieds, and business directory. 

To complement your publishing, Zwire! offers classifieds, display ads, section sponsors, banner ads and business directory listings for newspapers. Zwire! is full of revenue opportunities to increase your bottom line and keep your readers coming back. Plus, it easily integrates with our other powerful online solutions.

As the industry leader, Zwire! has attracted such industry giants as Hearst and Journal Register Company, and nearly 1,000 other leading newspapers across the country. 

How Does it Work?

Zwire! is easy to use and only takes minutes a day to update and maintain. Your staff can access Site Manager, our online extranet, to publish articles, set-up business listings, customize editorial sections and load classified ads.





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Whats in it For You?

Zwire! is the only complete online newspaper solution

  • Zwire! is the only all-inclusive online publishing, classifieds, and business directory solution for newspapers.
  • With this powerful publishing system, your staff has editorial control of content and section management. 
  • The directory lists all your local businesses, opening the door to upsell advertisers on your site. 
  • Zwire! is the foundation for building readership and revenue online.

You have full control with Zwire!

  • Zwire! allows you to choose your site design. Zwire! designs give you flexibility by offering a range of color schemes, aesthetic choices and premium customization options.
  • Designing your site ensures that the online edition will accurately reflect your publication. 
  • Site Manager provides full capability to manage editorial, sections, advertising, and metric reports. 

Expanded integrated advertising

  • Zwire! includes an integrated advertising model that effectively reaches readers. The advertising inventory can be packaged together offering advertiser visibility throughout your site. Advertising inventory includes: prominent sponsor positions that give high visibility on editorial sections, targeted banner ads, enhanced business listings, display ads and classified ads.

Main Page
Zwire! offers newspapers prominent editorial sections and seamless advertising opportunities. The main page offers the flexibility to highlight articles, reader polls and your editorial sections. Zwire! provides easy navigation with links to your classifieds, business directory, marketplace, community events and other customized sections. 



Inside Sports Page 
The section main pages, much like this sports page, can highlight your local news and events along with photos, providing you the opportunity to offer advertisers targeted visibility in your editorial sections. Zwire! offers many layouts for you to choose from and we have the ability to customize the solution to meet your specific needs.



Zwire! Features

Zwire! is packed full of features for you, your readers and advertisers. Some of our product highlights include: 

  • Customizable editorial sections. 
  • Local branding.
  • Control of the editorial, photos, and links posted.
  • Editorial Archives.
Site Manager 
  • Easy to use back-end management tools.
  • Site metric reports provides page view, banner activity and search activity statistics.
  • Customizable editorial sections.
  • Local branding.
  • Control of the editorial, photos, and links posted.
  • Editorial archives.
  • Display ads.
  • Prominent Section Sponsors.
  • Dynamic banner ads.
  • Local business directory.
  • Enhanced Listings in business directory.
  • Classifieds - Standard classified solution offers search and browse functionality.
  • Upgrades available to meet your needs.

Business Services

We know it's not enough to just provide the product. That's why we offer the whole solution. 

By partnering with PowerOne Media, our Zwire! experts will assist you in developing everything you need to make your newspaper web site a huge success. 

Providing launch and continued success support for the life of your product, our team of experts deliver a strategy for long-term success that includes internal training, assistance with online advertising rate cards, and even meeting with your advertisers on sales calls.

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