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Teen Hype

A way fun way to chill out

Knight Ridder Newspapers
Published on: 07/14/04

Oh, the trauma of the high school dork: always the butt of jokes and sufferer of humiliations galore. Jeremy Heere is said dork in the novel "Be More Chill" by 22-year-old Ned Vizzini.

Jeremy keeps tally of his daily horrors on the Humiliation Sheet encompassing everything from "Snickers" to "Snotty Comments" to "Mortification Event" (a catchall). Miserable and sexually frustrated, Jeremy resorts to Internet porn instead of interacting with real people. Then one of his tormentors approaches him at a dance with an unlikely story of a "squip," a supercomputer in pill form the tormentor himself had taken. A squip does the unbelievable — it makes you cool. Jeremy immediately is onboard for the "trip" of his life.

A supercomputer in pill form changes the life of a hopelessly dorky guy in 'Be More Chill.'
Rimmel's new nail polish contains Lycra.

We loved this at-times racy comedy, which honestly is hard to stop reading. Especially funny are the internal conversations between Jeremy and his squip, which sometimes has him doing questionable things, all in the name of "cool." We won't ruin it by giving away the funny parts (don't you hate when they do that in movie previews?).

Speaking of movies, "Chill" (Miramax Books, $16.95) also is being adapted into a screenplay by the same guy who did "High Fidelity." Expect a good flick!


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