Teen Boy Tells All

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Teen Boy Tells All

Teen Angst? Naaah . . .
A Quasi-Autobiography
by Ned Vizzini

Brooklyn Teen Ned Vizzini Offers a Smart, Funny, and Refreshingly Honest Look at the Joys and Horrors of Modern Teenage Life

A "Book Sense 76" selection

A Teen People Book of the Month Club featured selection

"Fiercely intelligent and introspective.... Vizzini's wonderfully sardonic voice suggests a wisdom beyond his years. . . . This surefire title is bright, insightful, and thoroughly charming."
--School Library Journal

"Teen Angst? Naaah . . . is not just about a boy entering manhood, but about a boy entering humanity. Don't read Ned Vizzini because he's a young writer. Read Vizzini because he's an outstanding writer. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for one of the few truly, genuinely funny and unpretentious books I have read in many years."
--Esm Raji Codell, author of Educating Esm: Diary of a Teachers First Year

"How could a kid this young be this talented? He writes with a clarity, an honesty, and an unpretentious sense of the absurd that most writers would kill for. The really amazing thing is that beyond the remarkable skill, and beyond his obvious smarts, Ned always remains, to the core, real."
--Jim Knipfel, author of Quitting the Nairobi Trio and Slackjaw

"This kid can write! Teen Angst? Is zany, tender, and hysterically funny."
--Jonathan Ames, author of Whats Not to Love and The Extra Man

"An exceptional debut from a young, smart, and talented writer who is, despite that generally deadly combination, a really nice guy."
--Sam Sifton, Talk Magazine

"I thought Teen Angst? was hilarious and totally true. I started reading it and couldn't put it down."
--Jonathan Wigdortz, 8th grade

"I couldnt put it down! I laughed a lot and enjoyed Teen Angst? immensely. I can relate . . ."
--Maura "Maddy" Nevel, 18, South Bend, Indiana

"Im not even particularly fond of kids--more of a dog person--so the fact that I read Teen Angst? is shocking enough. The idea that I enjoyed it and want to share it with other people is a testament to Vizzinis honesty, humor, insight, and ability to write in such a way that crosses age, gender, and any other gaps that are out there. Prepare to laugh, reflect, and reminiscence about your own teen years."
--Julie Smith, independent bookseller, Aunties Bookstore, Spokane, Washington

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