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Ned Vizzini, Author

Ned Vizzini, Author

Stories and Advice from a Young Writer

"Your speach and reading today at my school today inspired me to to try and become published in magazines."
-- Justin Ortiz, 11th Grade, The Dalton School, New York NY

"The Churchill School, where I work, is a school that specializes in the learning disabled population. Your book is the only book I have been able to find that grabs the attention of my non-readers. I would like to see if we could invite you to speak at our school..."
-- Dan Musick, The Churchill School, New York NY

"Ned held the students captive with his reading and they swarmed him with questions. The kids were enthralled and laughed hysterically throughout. I've been very popular ever since."
-- Jo Umans, Trevor Day School, New York NY

"Do you want to get kids talking about reading and writing? Just have Ned Vizzini come speak at your school. Our kids were emailing at lunch and requesting his book at the library before he even left town!"
-- Sally Kruger , Morenci Middle School, Morenci MI

"What a terrific assembly! Ned inspired our students to 'go for it,' whatever 'it' may be."
-- Sue Giordano, West Essex Junior High, North Caldwell NJ

"It was definitely cool meeting a real live author of a book I like!"
-- 9th Grader, West Essex Junior High, North Caldwell NJ

"Vizzini gave the kind of presentation that event planners hope will happen in their store, the presentation that makes those just passing through stop and stay to the end. Vizzini comes bearing a gift strong performance skills. Hes truly a find.
-- Stacy Leigh, Community Relations Manager, Barnes & Noble Park Slope, Brooklyn NY

Who is Ned Vizzini?

Ned Vizzini is the author of Teen Angst? Naaah (Free Spirit Publishing, 2000; Random House, 2002), the critically acclaimed book that he wrote between the ages of 15 and 18 and saw published at 19. Teen Angst? Naaah contains stories from Neds life that detail the real trials and tribulations of being a teenager today: Nintendo, bad student rock bands, poorly planned college interviews and pre-SAT prep. Its a hilarious take on modern adolescence that resonates with teens and adults all over the countryespecially when Ned gets the chance to read his stories aloud and explain how he came to be a published author at 15 with his trademark wit and self-analysis.

Who Would Benefit from Having Ned Speak?

Ned has had success speaking for:

        Junior high school students

        High school students


        Parents and educators

        Book lovers

Topics Include:

        For TeensSurviving Junior High & High School

Real-life tips on how to maintain your dignity, your sense of purpose, and your sanity as you navigate social terrain

        For Teens/College StudentsExpressing Yourself Through Writing

How to use writing as a release for your anger, frustration and ennui without being embarrassed by it

        For Teens/College StudentsProfessional Writing

The business: getting published, getting an agent, getting a book deal, and the real difference between amateur and professional writing

        For Parents & EducatorsHow to Handle Gifted Children

Guidelines for encouraging gifts from someone who was lucky enough to have his own supported. This presentation was well received by the Ohio Association for Gifted Children in 2000, leading to its delivery at the keynote slot of the National Association for Gifted Children Convention 2003

        For EveryoneGeneral Hilarity

The stories from Teen Angst? Naaah are just plain funny. Hear a bizarre cross between reading and stand-up as Ned regales you with tales from his weird world

Where has Ned Spoken? [an abbreviated list]

        North Carolina Association for the Gifted and Talented (2004 Keynote), Raleigh-Durham NC

        The Dalton School, New York NY

        National Association for Gifted Children (2003 Keynote), Indianapolis IN

        New York is Book Country, New York NY

        New York is Book Country School/Author Visits Program, at a different NYC public high school biannually: fall 2002, spring 2003, fall 2003, spring 2004

        The following NYC Public Libraries, as part of a 2003 program sponsored by the NASDAQ Disaster Relief Fund:

     -          Columbus Branch Library, New York NY

     -          Fordham Library Center, Bronx NY

     -          Chatham Square Regional Library, New York NY

     -          West New Brighton Branch, Staten Island NY

     -          Morningside Heights Branch, New York NY

     -          Castle Hill Branch, Bronx NY

     -          Concourse Branch Library, Bronx NY

     -          67th St. Branch Library, New York NY

        Warren G. Harding HS, Warren OH

        Trevor Day School, New York NY

        Roslyn High School, Roslyn Heights NY

        Herricks High School, New Hyde Park NY

        Queens Borough Public Library, Queens NY

        Baker Books, South Dartmouth MA

        Morenci Middle School, Morenci MI

        Bloomingdale Regional Library, New York NY

        Ohio Association for Gifted Children, Columbus OH

        Warren-Trumbull County Public Library, Warren OH

        Barnes & Noble Park Slope, Brooklyn NY

        Barnes & Noble Aliso Viejo, Aliso Viejo, CA

What is Neds Schedule Like?

        I am available for the foreseeable future.

What Does it Cost to Have Ned Speak?

        I charge a reasonable, very negotiable flat fee per day I speak at your school or library, plus travel expenses. Please, if you are interested in having me speak at your school/library/organization/bookstore, email me to discuss the matter further: ned@nedvizzini.com

Thank you!


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