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[signing for SOCAPA students]

February 2004


"What a terrific assembly! Ned inspired our students to 'go for it,' whatever 'it' may be."
-- Sue Giordano,
West Essex Junior High, North Caldwell NJ


"Ned held the students captive with his reading and they swarmed him with questions. The kids were enthralled and laughed hysterically throughout. I've been very popular ever since."
-- Jo Umans,
Trevor Day School, New York NY


"One of the best author sessions ever for really inspiring students to have a go... Money more than well spent and the street cred of the library -- and librarian -- has shot through the roof!"
-- Eileen Armstrong, Librarian, Cranbourne High School, Newcastle, UK



Ned Vizzini, Speaker Extraordinaire


Who are your kids role models?


As a teacher, librarian, bookseller you may be frustrated with the fact that the young people in your life are presented almost exclusively with debutantes and Fear Factor contestants as models of success.


Many have tremendous talents in painting, photography, writing, dance, digital art but they have never seen anyone succeed in those areas. Maybe theyve met a real-life working artistbut was it someone distant, or was it someone young they could relate to?


How would their perspectives change if they met a real-life writer, published at 15, who is now 23 with two books out?



"Your speech and reading today at my school today inspired me to try and become published in magazines."
-- Justin Ortiz, 11th Grade, The Dalton School,
New York NY



Hello, Im Ned Vizzini. Im the author of Teen Angst? Naaah (nine printings and counting) and Be More Chill (so funnyNew York Times Book Review).


I am also a seasoned public presenter with speaking experience speaking all over America and Britain.


I have delivered the keynote for the National Association for Gifted Children and spoken at Paul Robeson HS in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. I have visited at the exclusive Dalton School in Manhattan and the Churchill School for Children with Learning Disabilities. I have wowed Barnes & Noble crowds on both coasts and across the pond.



"Vizzini gave the kind of presentation that event planners hope will happen in their store, the presentation that makes those just passing through stop and stay to the end. Vizzini comes bearing a gift strong performance skills. Hes truly a find.
-- Stacy Leigh, Community Relations Manager, Barnes & Noble Park Slope,
Brooklyn NY



I bring a simple message for high school, junior high school and college students: with humor and perseverance, you can overcome obstacles in your life and you can make it as a writer, sculptor, actor, or performance artistwhatever your dream.


My message is delivered in a unique way. First I stand in front of the group and introduce myself, yell, hold up my books, and say, I wrote these! Really!


Then I start reading. My stories, both the fiction of Be More Chill and the nonfiction of Teen Angst? Naaah, are hilarious and swift, full of self-deprecating humor. I sprinkle my readings with asides, questions, laments, and non-sequitirs, and I make sure not to outlast my welcomeno readings longer than seven minutes.


Then its time for Q&A. Most students want to know how I started writing.


I saw successful teenagers on TV all the time and I realized I didnt look hot and I couldnt dance, so I had to be good at something.


Some students want to know if I am rich.


Not really. But I do have two motorized CD towers. Not one, two!


Many students want to know how they can be writers, cartoonists, singers


There are no set rules in art, but you have to be proactive. You have to send your work out. You have to use the connections and support of your schools, libraries, and community centers. You have to expect rejection and enjoy the humor of it. And you have to keep things in perspective.


I never planned on being in the teen book worldI just happened to start writing as a teenager. But now I know how lucky I am. Hearing youve inspired me to be a _______ is the best part of my job.



Where Have I Spoken?


North Carolina Association for the Gifted and Talented (2004 Keynote), Raleigh-Durham NC

National Association for Gifted Children (2003 Keynote), Indianapolis IN

New York is Book Country School/Author Visits Program (since fall 2002), New York NY

Ohio Association for Gifted Children, Columbus OH


The Dalton School, New York NY * Trevor Day School, New York NY
Roslyn High School, Roslyn Heights NY * Herricks High School, New Hyde Park NY
Warren G. Harding HS, Warren OH * Morenci Middle School, Morenci MI
Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, New York NY * Clarion College, Clarion PA


Columbus Branch Library, New York NY * Fordham Library Center, Bronx NY
West New Brighton Branch Library, Staten Island NY
Morningside Heights Branch Library, New York NY * Castle Hill Branch Library, Bronx NY
Concourse Branch Library, Bronx NY * 67th St. Branch Library, New York NY
Warren-Trumbull County Public Library, Warren OH * Queens Borough Public Library, Queens NY



Availability and Honorarium

I am available for fall 2004/spring 2005. I charge a reasonable, very negotiable flat fee per day I speak at your school, library, or event, plus travel expenses, only because it takes a lot out of me.


To arrange a visit, please email me at www.nedvizzini.com/email. Thank you so much!











Ned Vizzini

Speaker Extraordinaire

speaking info: www.nedvizzini.com/speaking

contact: www.nedvizzini.com/email or ned@nedvizzini.com

Students: Would You Like me to Visit your School?

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  3. Send the teacher/administrator HERE:
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