Yankee Pot Roast



The One-Question Interview
Y.P.R. makes no delusions of grandeur regarding its small-potatoes self. Therefore, when we pester our favorite writers, artists, and humorists, we only do so for a quick minute. Then, whammo! We’re out.

1 ?: Ned Vizzini, chill squipster

1 ?: Jonathan Ames, randy writer

1 ?: Neal Pollack, supercharged satirist

1 ?: Tom Perrotta, awesome novelist

1 ?: Stephen Elliott, lover of the electoral process

1 ?: Andrew Sean Greer, planetary pathfinder

1 ?: Dan Kennedy, small-talking memoirist

1 ?: David Rees, clip-artist

1 ?: Danny Gregory, watercolor journalist

1 ?: Todd Barry, funny person

1 ?: Marc Maron, funny person

1 ?: Patton Oswalt, funny person

1 ?: Hal Sparks, funny person

1 ?: J. T. Leroy, young Turk

1 ?: Andrew Vachss, creative factory

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted:
Interviews with Interviewers

Claire Zulkey,

A.J. Daulerio,
The Black Table’s “Rock and a Hard Place”

Andrew Krucoff,
Gothamist’s “Young Manhattanite Interview”

Robert Birnbaum,
Identity Theory’s “Narrative Thread”

James Lipton (Almost),
“Inside the Actor's Studio”

Daniel Robert Epstein,

Suzanne Yeagley,
McSweeney’s “Interviews with People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs”