Pictures / Fans sent in as entries for the Be More Chill contest:

"Me, being weird!"
--Candice (TX)

"Man, Santa's hott!!!"
--Jennifer (CA)

--Sara (WI)

--Aimee (MO)

"This me at my computer where I look at your site lol..."
--Rachael (AZ)

"Yes those are 'locks.
And yes I do take a bath."
--Tomi (Philippines)

"Jeez... I look better in this picture.
(The one in the army shirt with the lips)
I kinda made my friends read 'teen angst'
a while back and they really liked it. "
--Mady (Philippines)

"Only one thing could make this picture
more chill. That thing is your forthcoming book" --Beth

" the one with the "teenage dirtbag"
sweater on..sitting beside my best friend
julie with the lady indians shirt on"

"This is me and my friends house... just so you know, my room isnt that ugly/messy:-)" --Michelle

"OMG! Picture taken for college administration (for some reason)."

"My senior picture from a few years ago." --Lauren

"[U]sing my school's crappy webcam." --Mia (Philippines)

--Farida and Maddalena

"Well those are some pictures of me..and the drums, thats my drumset, i play drums :)" --Vicki

"[A]fter a day of snowboarding (and getting wind burned!)" --Kaitlin

"DeathMonkeys are the foam"
--Breanne and Tiffany (with hat)

"Rocking the Field Trip" --Mady (Phillipines)

"Yo, this is Petey in heezy" --Peter


"This is me (der) on a boat (der x 2)
in Florida (prolly didn't know that tho!)" --Niki

"I'm Kati... am I not sultry?" --Kati

"umm...i'm yer biggest fan, and that's why i should win..i think. love ya, ned." --Cory

"Keep inspiring us to write!" --April

"Sucky Pic - I am not Photogenic [I think it's okay]" --Alison

"See what happens after I re-read
Teen Angst...I go INSANE I tell ya!" --Rachael

"Nothing big lol" --Tim

"Im Kewl!!! And uh YEA!!" --Alixandra

"Beef Stew!" --Estephany

"I'm at the Grand Canyon
watching the sunset.
I will never look at
a pot hole the same."

"hi! i am a breathing folk" --Tsari (Philippines)

--Dinah & friend (Philippines)
"A picture of me, with my dog Squirt. Oh, how exciting.." --Holly

"Can't be more chill than a bag of skittles in your hand circa 1998." --Scott

"Better Ned than Dead!" --Mailan & Stephanie Pham & Chan

"PUNX NOT DEAD!!! ;P" --Denise

...assorted pictures of Naomi, my girlfriend and sometime fan:


...please, please don't send sexy cartoons like this; I have problems with cartoons (but thanks):


...Marcus, one of my best friends and a great contributor to my life and to in particular:


...recenet distinguished fans: from the New York Press Best of NY Party Sept. 2003 (these people are supposed to be my fans):


Allyson & Naomi

Naomi & Ned


Paul & Allyson

Tanya, Daria, Nina

Tanya & Wartella
(her husband)

(terrific cartoonist)

Danny Hellman
(not at the NYPress party; another great cartoonst)

...old friends Erin, Juliana, Ida, Leara & Evan, Kim, Amy, and Luan & Melanie:


2003Ned Vizzini