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I have been known to make "stuff."
Note: many of these are hosted by Yahoo so don't be surprised when you are wisked away to another site if you click on them. I understand that this is a temendous and unforgivable failure of web design that marks me as a mote not worth your time, but it is very difficult and stressful for me to make thumbnail pages for each set of images.

  1. Ned's Art. (Posted 12/30/04.) I did this all in one night about five years ago; it took a while to scan. The names of each piece are courtesy Jesse Schleger. (Slideshow format.)
  2. Ned's Art (alt). Earlier scans of the same work without the Jesse Schleger titles, presented in non-slideshow format.
  3. UK Book Tour 6/28/04-7/3/04
  4. Ned's Life in 30 Pics, May 2004
  5. Barbados, January 2004
  6. Dedication of Joey Ramone Place, 11/30/03
  7. Naomi and I Out West, 08/19/03-08/29/03 [these cover everything from Lake Tahoe to Yosemite Nat'l Park to Mono Lake, to the Pacific Ocean to the Mojave Deset to Las Vegas at Night]
  8. Halifax, Canada, 7/4/03 [some of these are quite beautiful]
  9. Barbados, June 2003
  10. Islesboro, ME 6/8/03
  11. Los Angeles 6/1/03 [only three pictures]
  12. Pictures of "Second in an Untitled Series," the Monumental Artwork by Clinton Boisvert feat. a Giant Missile Penis, 5/23/03
  13. Barbados, Holidays 2002
  14. My Road Trip to Speak at Morenci Middle School in Morenci, MI 11/21/02 [most pictures in this one are actually taken by my ex-girlfriend Naomi]
  15. More of Morenci, MI 11/21/02 [Naomi is in this set]
  16. One of my fav bands HERMANO live 11/26/02
  17. Another great band HIGH ON FIRE live 9/26/02
  18. Barbados, Holidays 2001

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