[hear the deal from the esteemed John Strausbaugh]




First, fan photos...

...please, please don't send sexy cartoons like this; I have problems with cartoons (but thanks):

...a new batch of photos:

...distinguished fans Erin, Juliana, Kim, Amy, Leara, Evan, Ida, Tony:


...ultra-enthusiastic fans Luan and Melanie, who caught up with me on line for Saturday Night Live. Melanie had me sign a copy of her Weezer Maladroit CD, which is pretty funny becuase I didn't have anything to do with it (but it's a great CD).

Now, pictures of me...

...preparatory and promotional material from my 9/13/03 reading as part of New York is Book Country at Marine Park I.S. in Brooklyn (pictures taken with my cell phone):

...from my 4/13/03 reading at the Living Room Cafe (back in the sack):

...from my 4/11/03 reading at the Peace Project '03 (where I got to hang out with Miss Teen USA, thanks to Billy Hallowell):

...from my 12/8/02 reading at the Living Room Cafe in New York, NY (yes I am wearing a burlap sack):

Want to see the burlap sack videos? [click here]

...from my 11/6/02 reading at Barnes & Noble in Park Slope, Brooklyn:

...from positions of repose late 2002 (images by my buddy Marcus):

..the face of stress, angst, whatever you want to call it:

Want more? Check the picture archive.

One last thing: I like to take pictures myself with my digital camera. Here they are:

  1. Halifax, Canada, 7/4/03 [Yahoo; some of these are quite beautiful]
  2. Barbados, 6/28/03 [Yahoo]
  3. Islesboro, ME 6/8/03 [Yahoo]
  4. Los Angeles 6/1/03 [Yahoo; only three pictures]
  5. My Road Trip to Speak at Morenci Middle School in Morenci, MI 11/21/02 [Yahoo; most pictures in this one are actually taken by the beautiful Naomi]
  6. More of Morenci, MI 11/21/02 [Yahoo; Naomi is in this set]
  7. Barbados, Holidays 2002 [Yahoo]
  8. one of my fav bands HERMANO live 11/26/02 [Yahoo]
  9. another great band HIGH ON FIRE live 9/26/02 [Yahoo]

  10. the Adirondacks, August 2002 [internal]
  11. Mishaum, MA, August 2002 [internal]
  12. Barbados, Holidays 2001 [Yahoo]