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Stuff That Happened Before in Ned's World

Ned Spoke at Dalton Thursday, Feb. 6th!

I went to Dalton HS in New York City as part of co-curricular day and was surprised to find myself in great company: Al Leiter of the Mets, a Nobel-prize winning physicist and a guy who spent years in prison in Kenya...all these guys were there to talk to students about their professions. I ended up reading to about 20 kids, two of whom had already read Teen Angst? Naaah.... I sang the "Thong Song" and gave them an extra-special subway story. All was set up by Rob Koppert and Duncan Lyon, thanks to them.

Ned Spoke at the Queens Public Library 1/15/03

Thanks, 7th graders at IS 145. You made my day. The kids at this presentation actually put together posters of the characters in Teen Angst? Naaah..., and they all had good questions. Since I had over an hour to speak with them, I not only read plenty from Teen Angst, I also sang "The Thong Song." This, uh, went over. Thanks to Bill Stack and teacher Kay Stanley for setting it all up!

Ned was on vacation from 12/27/02 to 1/11/03

I was in Barbados. I read 9 books. To see what I basked in (not to be a dick or anything, but I was basking), take a look at my photos of the place. [click here]

Ned read at West Essex HS 12/13/02

With the help of tireless teacher Sue Giordano, I headed into the town in New Jersey where they film a lot of the Sopranos. I read to 9th graders, got lots of food, and signed books. The teachers at West Essex (namely Mrs. Giordano) put together a Powerpoint presentation of my visit; it should play directly in IE and download in Netscape. Lots of great pictures! [click here]

Ned read at East Side Oral 12/8/02

As hinted/promised, I showed up at the Living Room Cafe wearing only a burlap sack and read from my new book in said outfit. It was great--thanks to everybody who came out on a wet, cold, December Sunday. Thanks also to Elise Miller for setting the thing up, and congrats to her on getting an agent for her new book! [pictures] [video]

Ned spoke at Little Red 12/6/02

Another great presentation for 7th & 8th graders. When I mentioned my friend Owen from Teen Angst? Naaah..., the kids laughed and pointed at one of their classmates who fit his description. So I've screwed up somebody for life. We sold lots of books. Thanks to teachers Chris, Matthew and all the librarians at Little Red who have supported my book. Thanks too for the free cup, though I lost it.

Ned spoke at Morenci Middle School in Michican!

My first Teen Angst? Naaah... road trip was an unqualified success. On 11/22/02, I went out with the beautiful girl I'm going out with, Naomi all the way to Michigan to speak to Morenci Middle School 6th-8th graders. Along the way we were given shelter by David & Colleen Green and John & Catherine Henderson. Thank you to the people who housed us, to Sally Kruger for putting it all together and the kids who made it such a success. We sold every single copy of Teen Angst? Naaah... that they had in the whole town! We have pictures.[click here]

Ned did a reading at Barnes & Noble Park Slope 11/6/02

Lots of friendly faces in the crowd but also a bunch of people who I had no idea who they were, which is how it's supposed to be. Afterwards I signed books and took my friends to my house to watch South Park. Teen Angstcontinues to do well at B&N, so thanks for your support. Also thank you Kelly Langstine for setting this event up. We have pictures. [click here]

Ned spoke at the Salk school 10/23/02!

Another surreal junior high experience, the kind I wish I could have actually had in junior high. I got mobbed for autographs and asked great questions by the very alert Salk students, who almost had their heads blown off by mic difficulties at the start of the reading but soon settled into a really cool, attentive state. Thanks Julia Chun-Rhodes and Jessica Wakeman for setting this up, and thanks kids for the emails!

Teen Angst? Naaah... was honored as one of YALSA's "Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults" 2002...

The Young Adult Library Services Association awardedTeen Angst yet again by making it one of the "Tales of the Cities" honorees in this year's "Popular Paperbacks" list. The complete list is online.[click here].

Ned read at the DUMBO Art Under The Bridge Festival 10/20/02

This was great! I read for about 30 minutes with my esteemed (now, unfortunately, former) editor at New York Press, Mr. John Strausbaugh. I'm delved into material from my new book for the first time. The reaction was great! If you were in the DUMBO area (betw. the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges in Brooklyn, New York) and you supported, thanks so much. Kurt Thometz was there as well as John Strausbaugh.

Teen Angst? Naaah... was featured in "New York is Book Country"!

NYIBC celebrates reading in New York City every year. This year, on 9/24/02, I partied with Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a reception with all sorts of famous writers (Judy Blume!). Then, on 9/26/02, I read at Paul Robeson HS in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and sent kids on the path to artistic freedom and world conquest. Plus, Teen Angst was featured on a nifty NYIBC bookmark. Thanks to all who lobbied for Teen Angst for this festival. We have pictures. [click here]

Ned appeared on XM radio 9/23/02!

This one was pretty bizarre. I appeared on the BabbleOn station, 167on your XM radio dial, and was interviewed by a bunch of hiphop DJS for the What's The Word show. I talked about my book and Eve.

-> Ned spoke at the Bloomingdale Regional Library July 30th


Thanks to the kids and influential adults who came and thanks to Sandra Payne for setting everything up!

-> Teen Angst? Naaah... is a Book for the Teen Age 2002 (New York Public Library)


Thanks to the librarians who continue to make my life chill.

-> Ned appeared on CUNY TV


I was profiled on the show "Study With The Best," which presents CUNY success stories. (CUNY = City University of New York = Hunter = my college.) The segment was hilarious--they even did a re-enactment of the introduction to Teen Angst? Naaah... (me vs. fake cell-phone girl)! If you live in NYC, check channel 75 at weird times, like 5 in the morning; if not, view the segment here. Thanks to Nicky  and her camera crew for putting this together!

-> Ned Vizzini appeared on Sally Jessy Raphael and then it got canceled...


It turns out that I was one of the last guests to appear on Sally Jessy. I talked about Teen Angst and Magic cards (the crowd responded very well to Magic cards) and they showed the Teen Angst? Naaah... book cover. It was a ~5 minute segment. The show aired 3/4/02 and then Sally got canceled. If anyone got a tape of this show, please email me.

-> Ned did a reading at the Westbury, Long Island Borders Thursday, Oct. 3rd


I'm read from and signed Teen Angst? Naaah... (for 3 people) at the Westbury Borders on Thursday, October 3rd. The location was 1260 Old Country Road and the time was 7:30 pm.

-> Ned spoke at Roslyn Middle School 6/21/02


This was an insane visit. First I was almost late after being caught in traffic (I was driven to the reading by the beautiful Naomi). Then the students, who were 11 and 12 years old, went nuts and chanted "Ned Ned Ned" as I read three stories for them. And then I signed all their yearbooks. Uh, I had no idea middle school kids would be so into Teen Angst, but cool. Go listen to Romeo, I think he's great. Thanks Pam Ferris for setting this up!

-> Teen Angst? Naaah... was a Children's Choice Award Winner for 2001



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