Ned Who? (Hear the Deal from John Strausbaugh of the NYTimes)
  Ned The company line:

Ned Vizzini is the author of Be More Chill (Hyperion/Miramax Books), chosen by Judy Blume as a Today Show Book Club selection, and Teen Angst? Naaah, published when the author was nineteen (Free Spirit Publishing/Random House). Ned is an accomplished public speaker who has presented to audiences at Yale, the Brixton Academy in London, and the National Association for Gifted Children. His work has received awards from New York is Book Country, BookSense, and the New York Public Library. Ned's new book It's Kind of a Funny Story is slated for publication by Hyperion/Miramax Books in spring 2006. Ned lives in Brooklyn, NY. You can find him on

And if you've gotten this far, hi my name is Ned Vizzini and I'm a writer. (Hi Ned.)

I wrote this book called Teen Angst? Naaah.... Then, I wrote this book called Be More Chill. (It's weird. I'm like, a professional writer.) [I also might become a homeless person.]

If you've never read anything by me, buy Be More Chill. It's the story of a kid who gets a pill that makes him cool and it's my best work. Then you can move on to Teen Angst, which collects my funny and, uh, touching stories about high school: 29 tales of dorky backpacks, prom limos, and Magic cards that I wrote between the ages of 15 and 18. [excerpt]

Would you like to learn more about my speaking experience and/or book me for an engagement? [speaking info]

If you're a a fan of my books or you're interested in getting in touch with me for any reason, please email me![email]

Whomever you are: thanks. Thank you so much. Thank you.



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