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Name Ned's Book!

I took a page from Weezer on this one. They had a contest to name their fourth album and ended up picking a title submitted by one of their fans: Maladroit. We had 60 or so people submit their title ideas for my new book and while I liked a lot of them, we ened up going back to the working title that I had from the start: Be More Chill.

Some of the title suggestions for the book were:

  • Cool?..right...
  • Squipped into Coolness
  • Squipped
  • Squip Solid
  • Squip of Coolness
  • Squip It
  • Jeremy Cool
  • Cool
  • Capsule of Coolness
  • One Simple Pill to Being Cool
  • One Simple Pill
  • Addicted to Cool
  • Got Squip?
  • Got Cool?
  • what should I do before I take the pill?
  • Take a Chill Pill
  • My Pill Squip
  • Squipped Out
  • Jeremy is cool?
  • "My Little Blue Pill"
  • Squiphead
  • the voice in your head
  • One Day I'm Gonna Wake Up Cool

So you can see we had a lot of inventive and talented people responding. But since I didn't pick anyone's title, nobody got the prize, which was to be thanked at the beginning of the book.

But thanks for entering! And even though no one won, winners were still picked based on how much crack your mom smokes.

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