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Ned's books (same text, two different versions):

Random House version Free Spirit version

And if you've gotten this far, hi my name is Ned Vizzini and I'm a writer. (Hi Ned.) I wrote this book called Teen Angst? Naaah... that was first published by Free Spirit Publishing 3 years, 2 months ago and has subsequently been picked up by Random House.

The book collects my funny and, uh, touching stories about high school: 29 tales of dorky backpacks, prom limos, and Magic cards that I wrote between the ages of 15 and 18. It got optioned (and recently renewed!) for movies/TV; you can read about that here.

Right now I enjoy scratching my eyeballs, finishing college, editing my new book and speaking at schools to spread the word about Teen Angst, which is intended for YA (i.e. "teen", i.e. "youth", i.e. "the segment of America that actually reads because they're forced to") audiences but which finds support among adults too. If you're already a fan of the book, send me mail. If you're new, here's a clip from Teen Angst to get you hooked:

     "My family takes cheap vacations. Any trip that involves an airplane, we avoid--too much money. Any trip that involves a resort, we shun--too many people. Disney World, Busch Gardens, camping, Europe? We'd never even consider them..." continue to rock here