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Hornbook 4-1-06

Ned Vizzini It's Kind of a Funny Story 445 pp. Hyperion/Miramax. /06 ISBN 0-7868-5196-1 $16.95
Vizzini's first YA novel, Be More Chill (rev. 9/04), was a comic description of a teen's struggle with peer pressure; this second novel portrays a fifteen-year-old's struggle with depression. Despite the serious topic, Vizzini again manages to be quite funny: narrator Craig may have lost his footing, but he hasn't lost his sense of humor. This novel also turns out to be about the pressures students face -- by the end of his stay in a psychiatric hospital, Craig realizes that the stress of trying to be successful and perfect is what has pushed him over the edge. It's refreshing to have a protagonist who is clinically depressed yet loved by his family and untouched by huge trauma; but therein lies Craig's biggest roadblock -- without an obvious scarring experience on which to blame his emotional state, guilt exacerbates his depression. While the setup that lands Craig on an adult rather than a teen ward seems artificial, the presence of older (sometimes crazier, sometimes wiser) characters is worth it, and the bulk of this novel (which is based in part on Vizzini's own experience) remains believable. Craig's overwhelmingly positive hospital experience will hearten readers moved by his honest description of his inner despair. J.M.B.
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Favorite Parts
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Robin of CA says: i liked the part when he was about to get laid but he messes up with the nipple ring and ruins it.

Colette of IL says: My favotire part in Be more Chill is when he hears the Squip laugh for the first time! And he's like, 'that's probably what schizos hear all the time..' I was showing that hilarious part to everyone!

Annie of CO says: Okay, the part I love the most [Teen Angst? Naaah...] is the chapter on Magic. I can relate!

Kerri Joe of SC says: [G] be more chill, the part where Jeremy almost scores with Chloe, but her boyfriend chases him around at the party and he is scared shitless, because he doesnt have the Squip or anything. So he can't turn Squip on because he is on drugs and all...that cracked me up.
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Stephanie of The Philippines says: [I] think the best part [of Teen Angst? Naaah...]was trying to get to the school trip or do the thing where you get to play Christ....

EMMIE-O of PA says: My favorite part in 'Teen Angst? Naaah...' was when you had to be Jesus at church instead of going to Cancun. I feel for you. Once my mom was trying to force me to be Mary on Christmas Eve at church, and I sat down on the floor and screamed 'NOOOOOO!' while banging my fists on the ground. She decided that going through all that trouble to cast such a brat as Mary wasn't worth it. See? Ya gotta take a stand...The sad part was, though...I was 14 when this happened.

edwin of CA says: when you get home drunk

kelly of PA says: My favorite part in 'be more chill' would have to be the part where Jeremy goes on-line to look up 'squips' and he encounters a beanie baby site. Then his father interupts [as all parents do at crucial moments when you do not want to be bothered] and asks if he's gay. I seriously loved it. Then instead of getting back to looking for squip information he goes on a crazed search for expensive beanie babies he could possibly jack from his aunt. Oh man, I loved it!

Leigh of GA says: I couldn't decide. Though I must say, I loved the ending. Post-Squip was wonderful.

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