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...Do you have a particular favorite chapter or part of one of my books? Please share it with me and I will put it in the reactions section.



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...People who've read Teen Angst and Be More Chill and their reactions (mostly favorite particular parts that they filled out above):

  • EMMIE-O / Pennsylvania / 5-26-05 / "My favorite part in 'Teen Angst? Naaah...' was when you had to be Jesus at church instead of going to Cancun. I feel for you. Once my mom was trying to force me to be Mary on Christmas Eve at church, and I sat down on the floor and screamed 'NOOOOOO!' while banging my fists on the ground. She decided that going through all that trouble to cast such a brat as Mary wasn't worth it. See? Ya gotta take a stand...The sad part was, though...I was 14 when this happened." /

  • Chrissy / Canada / 5-22-05 / "In 'Teen Angst? Naaah...' my favourite part would have to be when it talks about that guy who said he was living off back orders and started singing to all the people on the street to make some cash. I was just thinking how cool it would be to be that guy.
         In 'Be More Chill' I liked the part where someone says that if you like your shirts, you shouldn't get a girlfriend. I like this because it's true. When I have a boyfriend I always want to wear his shirts."

  • [anonymous] / Florida / 5-19-05 / "I love the part when Jeremy is in his bathroom and his dad is like, swinging around his penis!! lol"

  • Kelly / Pennsylvania / 5-13-05 / "My favorite part in 'be more chill' would have to be the part where Jeremy goes on-line to look up 'squips' and he encounters a beanie baby site. Then his father interupts [as all parents do at crucial moments when you do not want to be bothered] and asks if he's gay. I seriously loved it. Then instead of getting back to looking for squip information he goes on a crazed search for expensive beanie babies he could possibly jack from his aunt. Oh man, I loved it!"

  • Stephanie / Philippines / 5-11-05 / "[I] think the best part [of Teen Angst? Naaah...]was trying to get to the school trip or do the thing where you get to play Christ...."

  • Jason / Washington / 5-11-05 / "When Jeremy played "action hero" and stopped the car before a wreck ensued. I had a friend who went through a similar experience."

  • Kerri / South Carolina / 4-25-05 / "[G] be more chill, the part where Jeremy almost scores with Chloe, but her boyfriend chases him around at the party and he is scared shitless, because he doesnt have the Squip or anything. So he can't turn Squip on because he is on drugs and all...that cracked me up." /

  • Ryn / California / 4-23-05 / "God, it's hard to pick just one. In Teen Angst: Probably the part about playing Magic all night. In Be More Chill: The whole forking book. It's just hysterical. :)" /

  • Colette / Illinois / 4-03-05 / "My favotire part in Be more Chill is when he hears the Squip laugh for the first time! And he's like, 'that's probably what schizos hear all the time..' I was showing that hilarious part to everyone!"

  • Annie / Colorado / 4-03-05 / "Okay, the part I love the most [Teen Angst? Naaah...] is the chapter on Magic. I can relate!"

  • Monique / Philippines / 4-01-05 / "My favorite part in Teen Angst? Naaah... is when you chose to study for your Stuy Test rather than doing such crazy things. I think it's sweet for a 13-year-old guy to do his best to pass an exam."

  • Gabe / California / 3-22-05 / "My favorite part of your book was probably when you discussed your 'career' as a musician, or the number of strange but cool bands you participated in. I too, play the bass guitar, and none of my bands have ever been particularly... good? In any case, I wanted to tell you that the part in your book where you go to play music with the Goth dude inspired me. I appreciate your great book, it made me happy. But most of all, it allowed me to laugh at myself, and at my generation. For that, I thank you."

  • Josh / New York / "'Teen Angst! NAAH!' is yet another reason our literacy rate is on the decline. As I read it, I could literally feel the inherent filth seeping into my very body and desecrating my soul like some sort of relentless, burrowing bug with 3-inch long poison mandibles."


...The Squipiverse:

Dear Human,

My book Be More Chill discusses critical issues rarely tackled by our generation for lack of a forum. It's about a squip--a supercomputer pill that tells you how to be cool all the time--and we are trying to show people what the world would be like if (and when) such products are real.

To that end, we have started the Squipiverse: a network of websites that show a world where the squip IS real.

There are pro-squip and anti-squip forces, squip viruses, new squip technology, squip heroes and villians, and even "Mothers Agsinst Squips" (created by a Be More Chill fan).

The best way to experience the Squipiverse is to Google squip, or to head over to, your squip hub.

We believe that there is social value in the Squipiverse as a satire that belittles our corporate-marketing culture. We feel that it can serve as a forum in which these issues can be discussed.

All of the websites are frames for these and other issues that affect this generation. All over the websites, there are places where you can contribute your ideas about which stars have squips ( and what the squipiverse can become (The Boards). If anyone feels like they have something important to add, email me and I will publish your comments or ideas throughout the Squipiverse.

Sincerely, has been doing polls for a while. They often factor into important decisions in my life or writing:

Which Hot Girl from Be More Chill are you?
[provided by muystrange on the boards]


...We do contests occasionally when questions need to be answered and there are things to be given away:

"Answer the Poll Questions and Get the SQUiP Stickers"

  1. Hi! Go to and fill out the poll about Be More Chill.
  2. We'll take your poll results and, if you answer enough right, you'll be getting a pack of "SQUiP? Google It" stickers to deface your friends with, free of charge, shipping included!
  3. Good luck entering the contest!


...Where are they now?

Jeremy & Christine Ah, the eternal question: do Jeremy and Christine ever hook up? You wouldn't believe how many times I've been asked this in emails and etc. For the answer, you're going to have to check out the movie.
I have not talked to Judith in 2121 days. So many people have asked about her, I guess I should say a little more: shortly after the end of the Teen Angst? Naaah... narrative, we had a really bad breakup. It was actually in part due to this epic breakup that I picked a Biblical name for her in the book. It was the kind of breakup that made it so that we wouldn't ever get in touch again. So if you liked Judith, she is out there, and if you didn't, she and I aren't together anymore.

Dad Dad still works basically 24/7, but does not come home as late as he used to. He smiles a lot and I like to see that. He's also developed into a fine singer at my church (the one where I played Jesus). He still drives like a maniac as if he were Hamlet and all the other cars had plots against him.
Mom Mom is very active in her local church and is doing her best to ensure that I never leave her area code. She is mad enough that I am not in her zip code. She remains pretty smart. It has been years since she said "No no no no no no no!" to me. She thought Be More Chill had too much masturbation in it.
My brother escaped death on Sept. 11th and is now in a college in a Southern state. I went and visited him and was shocked to find him actually working, reading Paradise Lost. He was going to major in metaphysics but has wisely considered a switch to economics. In his dorm room, his suite-mate plays original Dragon Warrior on the NES, which makes me feel really good about the "Nintendo Saved Me" chapter of Teen Angst? Naaah.... Brother
Sister My sister is one of my most important advisors/early readers/confidants.
Owen (Russian friend) went to college, got in trouble with the FBI for hacking, managed to destroy the evidence (a hard drive) before they could catch him, escaped to Florida where he lived in a house full of Brazilian models and filmed them for an adult website. (Safe to click. And worth clicking.) Last seen in New York drinking coffee. He also has this disturbing but funny picture. Brother
Me Poppy (dominoes player) is gone. No one will talk about him in the old neighborhood. The whole East Village has, in fact, been taken over by NYU students who would only play dominos for the ironic value. There is hardly any room in New York for characters like Poppy anymore.
James (shy friend) went to college, worked in liquor store, built various things in his house. Now he is a professional woodworker with a cool girl in my neighborhood. The girl has blue hair and they live together. James
Me Ike (Mayan friend, from Wormwhole) went to college, lived in various apartments. He got a job in construction, which is perfect for his amazing strength, but the best part is that he worked NIGHT construction, so it fit with the whole vampire thing too. He was last seen packing a backpack to travel to Las Vegas for New Year's 2002. However, I heard from another friend that he was working coatcheck somewhere. When pressed, he apprently did not remember the P-Funk CD I stole from him to give to this friend as a birthday present. Heh heh heh.
Carlo (overbearing paint employer) not seen. I have a feeling--I don't know why--that he's dead. Brother
Me Oh, you know, I'm trying to keep my dandruff under control. Also doing this.

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