April 30, 2012
Thursday, 05-03-2012 at 09:40am
Visit to Lake Forest High School
I'm happy to visit Lake Forest High School in the Chicago area on Thursday, May 3, 2012. The school has recently suffered some losses and I'll be there to discuss mental health, resilience, compartmentalization and coping mechanisms. I last visited in 2009 and look forward to returning to the Lake Forest community.

This event is not open to the public. It will consist of one auditorium presentation to students and teachers with Q&A.;
1285 North McKinley Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045 [site link] [google map]

Sunday, 05-20-2012 at 10:00am
Children's Book Festival La Mesa
I'm excited to be the Headline Author at the Children's Book Festival in La Mesa, CA on Sunday, May 20th, 2012.

The festival is an all-day affair (10am-4pm) that will include author & illustrator presentations, book signings and activities for kids. Admission is FREE.

I will be signing books on stage at a time TBD. La Mesa is a 20-minute drive from San Diego so if you are in the SD area I hope to see you there!
8100 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942 [near the La Mesa Blvd trolley stop] [site link] [google map]

Friday, 06-29-2012 at 05:00pm
Barnes & Noble Teen Writing Workshop
The B&N; Teen Writing Workshop meets on the last Friday of the month to address a specific writing skill (e.g. "dialogue," "the anti-hero") through discussion and writing prompts.

The June session takes place Friday, June 29th at 5:00pm in Glendale, CA.

This is a FREE event open to middle- and high-school students. Barnes & Noble will provide refreshments. Student work will be featured on the online journal Give Us Money.
210 Americana Way (2nd floor event area), Glendale, CA 91210 [site link] [google map]

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My pictures are located on my Flickr account. I add new pictures frequently. They're not all of me. I use my Flickr account to upload pictures for my blog entries.

One reader suggested that I link pictures of Stuyvesant High School since I went there. Good idea.
I recorded music from age 13 to age 22. I played bass and some guitar (although I could never play chords). I occasionally sang.
Wormwhole (age 13) - "Pants In The Mail"

In Teen Angst? Naaah..., I started a band called Wormwhole (as detailed in the essay "Are We Alternative Now?"). In the book, I said that first five people who contacted me about the band would be allowed to buy a copy of our demo.

To my surprise many people have emailed me asking for the Wormwhole demo, but sadly, for years, the single tape I recorded with my friend Ike was lost.

But then, a few years after the book was published, I was trying to make a mix tape on my stereo. I popped in an old tape to see if it was something I could tape over, and there was all this weird religious chanting. Then, out of the blue, literally sent by God, was the Wormwhole tape!

I don't know how it got into the middle of the tape of religious chanting, but I did a tape-to-mp3 conversion, and now, for free and forever, Wormwhole's two songs are here on this website. Above you're got "Pants In The Mail". "Lumber" is below.
Wormwhole (age 13) - "Lumber"
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As of 2011, new videos are posted on my YouTube channel.
It's Kind of a Funny Story Student Trailer
From YouTube user JakkJones: "This was a film project for my sister's English class. It's a fake trailer for a movie based on Ned Vizzini's novel It's Kind of a Funny Story."

More Funny Story student projects:
  • It's Kind of a Funny Story soundtrack book report

  • It's Kind of a Funny Story student film

  • It's Kind of a Funny Story student film WITH PREVIEWS OF ROB SCHNEIDER'S THE STAPLER
It's Kind of a Funny Story Theatrical Interpretation
In March 2010, Oak Lawn Community High School put on a theatrical performance of It's Kind of a Funny Story called a "Group Interp," or "Group Interpretation" project. They used the text of the book but presented it with a Greek chorus. Very cool and inventive stuff!
A Be More Chill reader video project. Also see the Be More Chill student film with fire at the end.
"Love And Longing" at the Brooklyn Book Festival 2009
Brooklyn Book Fest 09-13-2009.jpg
From YouTube user chocochip16: "The brooklyn book festival took place at columbus park by brooklyn borough hall in NYC on Sunday September 13, 2009. At the festival there was a section for young adults.... this video is one of the panels that includes three talented young adult writers, Aimee Friedman ( Sea Change), Anna Godbersen ( The luxe series), and Ned Vizzini ( Be more Chill)."
Attack of the Killer Turtle
Attack of the Killer Turtle, as described in Teen Angst? Naaaah...! It was uncovered after years and is presented here in all its glory.
Be More Chill Play
The theatrical adaptation of Be More Chill! Adapted by Bill Massolia, starring Jake Cohen as Jeremy and Edward Paul as the squip (seen in Keanu Reeves regalia).
Just Craig
An IKOAFS video made with Sims 2 by alexatetris.
"Sonogram" Reading at KGB Bar #1
Audio only: this is a snippet from a book that I abandoned about a man who comes home to find a sonogram taped to his door.
"Sonogram" Reading at KGB Bar #2
Audio only.
"Sonogram" Reading at KGB Bar #3
Audio only.

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Favorite Parts of Books

Submitted by readers through the contact page.

Chantel of IL says: I absolutely love It's Kind of a Funny Story. There are so many parts I love! But the parts I love to read over and over are Chapter 2 and the last 2 pages. I love Chapter 2 because of the explanation of the Tentacles and Anchors. It makes you think, regardless of if you are depressed or love life. I love the end of the book because it wraps up the book so perfectly. It's "Craig" listing all of the small things in life he took for granted or wants to do/enjoy. The life lessons I take away from the book are: 1) Don't take things for granted. Even the little things count. 2) There is no normal. Everyone has problems whether they show it or not. 3) It's ok to get professional help. It's nothing to be ashamed of because you can't always deal with things in life by yourself, you need help sometimes. It means you care enough about your life to better it.

I haven't read any other books, but after I read this one a year ago, I have the rest of then on my To-Read list.

Ashley says: Hello Mr. Vizzini,

I just wanted to send a short email to say that your movie was amazing. It was one of the best I have seen and truly enjoyed it. It had a huge impact on me. Have a great day.


Ashley Lillge

Naomi of PA says: Dear Mr. Vizzini,

I just wanted to say thanks, for writing such amazing books. My favourite book is "It's Kind of a Funny Story." It just spoke to me. I was reminded of myself by Craig, I suffer from depression (I'm on 200mg of Zoloft), I've tried pot, I've called the suicide help line, and I am a recovering anorexic. It never occured to me though, that one may seek help from a hospital. I guess I would be too afraid to go. I am not very close with my parents, and I live with my mother. She thinks the zoloft is a bad idea and is not supportive of me at all. Reading your "It's Kind of a Funny Story" made me feel better and understand that there will be people out there who really care. So, Thank you, very much. Also, I used to live in Manhatten. Ha. Honestly, you have become one of my favourite authors, which is saying a lot because I am a bookworm.

Thanks again.

Much love,

Ashley of FL says: Thank you so much for writing It's Kind of a Funny Story. It opened up my heart and mind that the feelings I had towards death and myself weren't as abstract as I'd thought. And while nobody (my parents, my friends, etc) would listen to me about these feelings, I turned to your book and it made me feel that there would eventually be a time where things would be better.

Thank you so much(:

Lorenzo of US province or territory not listed says: Dear Ned Vizzini, I have recently read your book Its Kind of a Funny Story, and it was the funniest thing I have ever read. Many of the things the main character went through, I have been through too. For example whenever I get mad
at my parents I punch holes in the wall. Just like the main character Craig Gilner I have always thought about my future and how I want to be successful when I grow up. This book has shown me that I am not the only person that thinks these ideas.
My favorite part of this book is when Craig and his best friend Aaron hold a party I like this part because it was Craigs first experience at a party. I have related to this book which is probably why I loved reading it so much. The most meaningful moment was when Craig was on top of the Brooklyn Bridge, because this was when Craig had discovered himself. I look forward to discovering myself in the future. I also really liked the part when Craig and his family were talking at the dinner table about his problems and how Craig was secretly planning to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. I think that Craig really didnt want to kill himself, because if he did he would have just jumped instead of calling the suicide hotline.
I really loved this book it reminded me of myself and that when Im pressured in life it is always good to let go instead of holding in all of the pressure. In my life I sometimes crack from the pressure but it is a lot better than holding all the pressure in. If we hold in all the pressure it makes us crazy and depressed and eventually we start to contemplate suicide. Professional got to Craig and caused him to be depressed. Craig got what he wanted but it was too much for him.
The pressures of life dealt there toll on Craig and he ended up in Six North.
This is exactly what happened to Craig, the pressures of Pre professional got to Craig and caused him to be depressed. I think that Six North was the best thing that ever happened to Craig. Six North allowed Craig thinking time. Craig never did have time to think in his life he just had to perform under great pressure.
Craig went at it and found out that he hated his life and that art really made him happier than anything else in his life. I easily relate to Craig in my life there is great pressure, well in anyones life there is great pressure and sometimes we need a time out to rethink are strategy or approach to life. This is exactly what Craig did he got a time out, he got a chance to rethink his life and change it. Craig took this once in a life time chance and used it to his advantage. Although I dont have a six north in my life I do have a support system that I can talk to if I am sad.
Life is full of opportunity it is how we use that opportunity that changes are life for the better. Craig took this opportunity and decided to go to art school instead of pre Professional. That one decision got rid of all of Craigs problems and sent him on a better life forward. In my life I have had to make big decisions that had very big consequences but in the end those consequences made my life better. This book is the best I have read so far in my life. It really went into depth about depression and how it feels to be depressed.
I think that you should write a second book about Craig. This second book should be about Craigs life in art school and his relationship with Noelle. This book should show that Craig has gotten the life skill of being able to cope with life and not wanting to kill himself. And also there should be a part where Craig and Noelle go back and volunteer at six north, and Craig can draw everyone a brain map. Thank you for writing such an enjoyable book.


Lorenzo Pittera

READER ARTWORK               
A sample. For more, see the Flickr set.
IKOAFS Reader Art by 'andrew'
by Andrew Geronimo
Kendall R. Romero IKOAFS Project
by Kendall R. Romero
IKOAFS Reader Artwork by Jordan
by Jordan

by Maddie Smith
IKOAFS Mask by Holly 3
by Holly

by Billy Galant

by farewell_dear
Brooklyn Bridge Sketch
by Alex

by Christa Yeung
It's Kind of a Funny Story Interpretation by Ross Kahn
by Ross Kahn
IKOAFS Brain by Julia
by Julia

Feast your eyes and ears on this recap of the squip campaign, 2004-2005, which was created to promote Be More Chill. This video is dedicated to all of the readers who helped spread the word about the book. Thank you!

Forbidden Chapter of Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini

This chapter of Be More Chill, which goes into explicit detail about what Jeremy does on the internet, was included in the first draft of the book but taken out (wisely) by my editor. Here it is for those who are curious.

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