March 2, 2011
Radio spots


WKCR 89.9FM in NYC
"Arts & Answers" Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 1
Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 2
Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 3
Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 4

German Radio
with Siggi Seuss -- answers dubbed into German (I just thought this was cool -- and maybe you understand German)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

"Radio FM4"
Interview with a German radio station -- questions in German, answers in English
pt. 1 -- a German reading of the suicide hotline call in It's Kind of A Funny Story - pretty funny
pt. 2 -- brain maps
pt. 3 -- 85% true
pt. 4 -- people making money off depression
pt. 5 -- pressure
pt. 6 -- admitting you need help (I sound kinda stupid here)
pt. 7 -- funny in the hospital
pt. 8 -- why the parents aren't the enemies in the book
pt. 9 -- cool German music
pt. 10 -- I put this in because it has the Eels' "Novacaine for the Soul" at the end, I hadn't heard that since 1996... note... this one is big

Ned Vizzini | Press
Lexington Minuteman
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"Author shares life experience with Minuteman High students"

Whim (Radford University)
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Ned Vizzini and Its Kind of a Funny Story
[report on "How Not to Go Crazy in College"]

New York Times
newspaper newspaper.
"A Coming-of-Age Tale, Set Among the Sad"
[film review by A. O. Scott]

Wall Street Journal
newspaper newspaper.
A 'Funny' Thing Happened in Brooklyn
"[T]he film transforms into a unique coming-of-age story grounded in modern-day Brooklyn reality and gilded with flights of magic realism."

Nylon Magazine
magazine magazine.
"Next To Normal"

Lincoln Journal Star
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Nine books to lead the way into YA lit

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The 10 Best Young Adult Books for Grownups

New York Times
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A New Assignment: Pick Books You Like by Motoko Rich [1MB pdf]
[It's Kind of a Funny Story is the #1 Student Pick!]

New York Times
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A New Assignment: Pick Books You Like by Motoko Rich
[A student talks about It's Kind of a Funny Story]

Murray News
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"Vizzini shares experience with campus"
[about one of my speaking programs!]
[campus TV news report here]

New Youth Connections
newspaper newspaper.
[student-produced newspaper in New York City]
[also, kudos to the editors for picking the best title yet: "From Homeroom to the Psych Ward"]

New Yorker
magazine magazine.
[a mere listing, and yet, seeing as it may be the only time get mentioned in the New Yorker, I present it humbly]

Chasing Ray
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"It's time to blast off this rock"
[a review from an important young adult literature blog]

Bcher Magazin
foreign globe.
Top Ten List
[I appear with some notable authors in this German publication]
[in a separate article, It's Kind of a Funny Story received four out of five "books" as well]

Chris Cowing-Zitron & Co. cogitate your prose
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Coffee Shop Aptitude Test (about a short story I wrote on 3AM Magazine)

Daily Candy
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"The Weekend Guide - Read"

award award.
Best Books for Young Adults

The Week Magazine
magazine magazine.
[my picks for "Best Books"]

New York Magazine
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Read and Approved: Eclectic Summer Reading Alternatives

New York Times Book Review
newspaper newspaper.

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