December 30, 2010
Radio spots


WKCR 89.9FM in NYC
"Arts & Answers" Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 1
Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 2
Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 3
Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 4

German Radio
with Siggi Seuss -- answers dubbed into German (I just thought this was cool -- and maybe you understand German)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

"Radio FM4"
Interview with a German radio station -- questions in German, answers in English
pt. 1 -- a German reading of the suicide hotline call in It's Kind of A Funny Story - pretty funny
pt. 2 -- brain maps
pt. 3 -- 85% true
pt. 4 -- people making money off depression
pt. 5 -- pressure
pt. 6 -- admitting you need help (I sound kinda stupid here)
pt. 7 -- funny in the hospital
pt. 8 -- why the parents aren't the enemies in the book
pt. 9 -- cool German music
pt. 10 -- I put this in because it has the Eels' "Novacaine for the Soul" at the end, I hadn't heard that since 1996... note... this one is big

Ned Vizzini | Press
New Youth Connections
newspaper newspaper.

It's Kind of a Funny Story: An angsty teen finds himself inside the mental ward

Lexington Minuteman
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"Author shares life experience with Minuteman High students"

Whim (Radford University)
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Ned Vizzini and Its Kind of a Funny Story
[report on "How Not to Go Crazy in College"]

New York Times
newspaper newspaper.
"A Coming-of-Age Tale, Set Among the Sad"
[film review by A. O. Scott]

Wall Street Journal
newspaper newspaper.
A 'Funny' Thing Happened in Brooklyn
"[T]he film transforms into a unique coming-of-age story grounded in modern-day Brooklyn reality and gilded with flights of magic realism."

Nylon Magazine
magazine magazine.
"Next To Normal"

New York Times
newspaper newspaper.
A Teenager Flying Over a Cuckoos Nest
"[T]he novel and film keep the tone light and use the circumstance to explore the passion, confusion and, ultimately, revelations of teenage life..."

Gordon and the Whale
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TIFF 2010 Interview: Its Kind of a Funny Story author, Ned Vizzini

New York Times
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Its Kind of a John Hughes Homage
"While they didnt aim to copy the directors style, they did make a direct homage to The Breakfast Club in one scene. Below is a look at the scene from Funny Story."

LA Times
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In dark territory at the Toronto International Film Festival
"Breaking that fourth wall with the audience whenever it felt right, the film spins a whimsical coming-of-age, maybe-suicide-isn't-the-answer, story of young love..."

New York Times
newspaper newspaper.

Breaking Out of the Mold"Various events contribute to the gradual drop in Craigs anxiety level, but the most crucial is revealed in [Keir] Gilchrists eyes: the emergence of a new and empathetic interest in the suffering of others."

The Figment Blog
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Interview with Ned Vizzini

Metro New York
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Glamour Magazine
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W Magazine (scan)
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"The Brave Ones" (Emma Roberts & Zo Kravitz featured)

Authors Unleashed
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Interview with Ned Vizzini

New York Daily News
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Huffington Post
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7 Comedies Hitting Theaters This Fall: Which Will You See?
(THANK YOU -- It's Kind of a Funny Story is #1!)

MTV Networks
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Meet The Cast Of 'It's Kind Of A Funny Story'

Entertainment Weekly
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First Look: It's Kind of a Funny Story

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