May 9, 2012


"100 Days of Hunger Games Interview with Ned Vizzini"

Vocab Gal
"Author Interview: Ned Vizzini"

Hunger Games Fireside Chat
"Ned Vizzini: Hungry for Reality"

South By Southwest 2011
"Tell & Sell Your Story" Panel with Stephanie Klein, Michael Chaney and Alex Lerner

WKCR 89.9FM in NYC
"Arts & Answers" Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 1
Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 2
Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 3
Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 4

German Radio
with Siggi Seuss -- answers dubbed into German (I just thought this was cool -- and maybe you understand German)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

"Radio FM4"
Interview with a German radio station -- questions in German, answers in English
pt. 1 -- a German reading of the suicide hotline call in It's Kind of A Funny Story - pretty funny
pt. 2 -- brain maps
pt. 3 -- 85% true
pt. 4 -- people making money off depression
pt. 5 -- pressure
pt. 6 -- admitting you need help (I sound kinda stupid here)

Ned Vizzini | Press
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Interview by Elizabeth Merrick

New York Public Library
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words count
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The White List -- a listing of writers, editors, and other publishing professionals that have LiveJournals or LJ RSS feeds

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IKOAFS review

University of Madison Wisconsin
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The Longstockings
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Rock Out To IKOAFS

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Because of something stupid and sexist I did in February 2007, for which I apologize, Gawker was on my ass. Since I do not discriminate between good and bad press, might as well post it.

Michigan Library Association
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MLA Thumbs Up Reading List

Chicago Public Library
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Chicago Public Library Best of the Best List

Time Out NY
magazine magazine.

The Onion
newspaper newspaper.

The L Magazine
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Village Voice - permalink
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Writers Who Shine Too Brightly, Too Early

Village Voice - scan
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The Batallion - Texas A&M;
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Teen stress subject of enchanting novel

The New York Times
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Performance Space 122 at the Spiegeltent - Ned Vizzini w/Mike Daisey, Clay McCleod Chapman, One Ring Zero
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Book Notes - Ned Vizzini

New York Times [Online]
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Questions for . . . Ned Vizzini

Boston Herald
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