December 25, 2013

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Episode 131 Ned Vizzini
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'Connie Martinson Talks Books'

NPR Interview
"Ned Vizzini - The Other Normals"

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"Live Video Chat With Ned Vizzini"
Book It with Alan Goldsher

Ned Vizzini Reports from Hawaii -- Part 1

Part 2 -- reader questions

part 3 -- being a writer

"100 Days of Hunger Games Interview with Ned Vizzini"

Vocab Gal
"Author Interview: Ned Vizzini"

Hunger Games Chat
Hunger Games Fireside Chat
"Ned Vizzini: Hungry for Reality"

South By Southwest 2011
"Tell & Sell Your Story" Panel w/Stephanie Klein, Michael Chaney & Alex Lerner

WKCR 89.9FM in NYC
"Arts & Answers" Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 1
Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 2
Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 3
Interview with Anne Cammon - Part 4

German Radio
with Siggi Seuss -- answers dubbed into German (I just thought this was cool -- and maybe you understand German)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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Ned Vizzini | Press
(need press photos? click here)
Publishers Weekly
[starred review]
magazine magazine.

Entertainment Weekly
magazine magazine.

Entertainment Weekly
magazine magazine.

The New York Times
newspaper newspaper.

At a Click, a Clique of the Uncool

Guardian Unlimited (UK)
foreign globe.
Blurring the boundaries [Writers Using the Net to Promote]

The New York Times
newspaper newspaper.

Be More Chill Review

Huffington Post 'Summer Reading List for Kids'
website website.jpg
HOS HuffPo.jpg

Fanboy Comics
website computer_icon.

'House of Secrets' Review: An Adventure in Reading . . . Literally!

The Guardian
foreign globe.
HOS True Masterpiece of Perfection.jpg
Kid reviewer Krazy Kesh from the UK calls House of Secrets "a true masterpiece of perfection"

Junior Library Guild
House of Secrets, 2013
award award.

House of Secrets: A Junior Library Giuld Pick for Spring 2013

Scott Reads It
blog blog_icon.

House Of Secrets by Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini

Niebla Misteriosa [Mysterious Fog]
blog blog_icon.
Niebla Mysteriosa copy.jpg
Resea; The Other Normals - Ned Vizzini
[review of The Other Normals Translated from the Spanish]

Mi patria es la literatura.
blog blog_icon.

My attempt at a Harry Knowles Review * of The Other Normals by Ned Vizzini

Edward Little High School
newspaper newspaper2.

The Top Ten Books of 2012
[a roundup of the year's most popular books, including IKOAFS]

The girl smiled at the books
blog blog_icon.
La Chica que Sonreia a los Libros.jpg
It's kind of a funny story, Ned Vizzini
[translated from the Spanish]

Gold Star for Robot Boy
blog blog_icon.

'I Found That Essence Rare'
[an essay about YA lit featuring It's Kind of a Funny Story]

Je Serai tre
["I Will Be"]
blog blog_icon.

The Other Normals by Ned Vizzini
[4/5 stars]

Sewickley Public Library
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Sewickley Public Library Best of 2012.jpg
Emilys Unofficial Best of 2012
[featuring The Other Normals]

website computer_icon.
Poets & Writers.gif
'Daily News' by Evan Smith Rakoff
[featuring the Other People podcast interview with Ned Vizzini]

newspaper newspaper2.
A gift guide for young readers [featuring The Other Normals]

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