May 22, 2006
Be More Chill Movie News

The Be More Chill movie script is 90% completed! Auteur Steve Pink, whose directorial debut, Accepted, bows in theaters this August, is putting the finishing touches on the thing and it's looking extra-special fantastic. See Accepted this summer (Lewis Black, Ann Cusack) to support Steve and start prepping--a Be More Chill movie could be coming as soon as 2007.

Be on the lookout for Steve Pink's movie Accepted, in theaters soon. Steve is the screenwriting and directing force behind the Be More Chill movie, which is currently in development. We are close to finishing the screenplay and will be finished by April. We are experimenting with one major change to the book. Steve felt constrained by the age of the characters--it turns out that a lot of the book is R-rated and getting a studio to place it in high school is pretty difficult (the nipple ring scene, etc.). To put the humor where we want to be, we are making Jeremy in his early 20s instead of in high school. Don't kill me, it works. Same story, only now the squip is a little more serious--it persuades Jeremy to max out his credit cards, doublecross his coworkers and have lots of sex. The results are sparkling and I can't wait to get them on a screen for you! Steve and I are contributing scenes to the final product now.

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Be More Chill - Audio
June 15, 2004
Be More Chill was released as an AudioBook by HarperCollins.

Jessie Eisenberg from Roger Dodger and The Village and a bunch of other movies read the book on CD.

The illustrious editor A. A. Allessi read on the cassettes for old skool heads.

The CD = unabridged. The casettes = abridged.

I never listened to the CD because it was just too disembodying an experience.

I could never even find the cassette.
Be More Chill OR Teen Angst? Naaah... - Philippines
August 3, 2005
Teen Angst? Naaah... made its way to the Philippines after the Random House edition was published in 2002. Be More Chill was supposed to be put out in the Philippines around summer 2004 (with the same publisher & cover as the US edition). However, things got delayed and even though I was told that the book was in "National Bookstore" chains, no one could find it. But now it's there. Three hundred copies, they tell me.

The people from the Philippines who have read my books have been incredibly supportive. Thank you so much guys. Like, Filipino appreciation vibes.

A Filipino student named Miguel Michael Barnes translated the first part of Teen Angst? Naaah... into Tagalog, the indigenous Filipino language.
Be More Chill - Israel
Not Published Yet
In Israel, Be More Chill will be published in Hebrew by Matar Publishing.

There's no pub date yet, but this should clear things up for the person from Israel who emailed us asking if his squip would speak to him in English or Hebrew.
Be More Chill - France
Due Spring 2006
In France, Be More Chill has been sold to Gallimard for publication in their "Scripto" series of books.

In the past, the Scripto series has included books by Joyce Carol Oates and Melvin Burgess.

The French version of Be More Chill is slated for release in spring 2006.
Looks like the book will have an initial print run of 6000-8000 and will cost about 10 euros.

This French guy at my parent's office, Patrick, every time I see him, he goes, "Ned, when is your book coming out? Maison Gallimard! [the d = silent] This is one of the best publishing houses in France! Maison Gallimard!"
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Favorite Parts
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Rowell of RI says: My favorite part of Be More Chill, is when Mr. Reyes speaks in his falsetto voice "Maaaaaa!", when I try to imagine it, I can't help laughing. This is my favorite book. No Doubt. Im going to try Jimmy Heere's squip moves on some of the ladies.. :) "Maaaa!"
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Violet of NY says: my favorite part of the book was... oh, let's see... THE WHOLE THING, aka my LIFE! I live in Park Slope, took the Stuy Test, attend Pure Energy Martial Arts (Tessa Gordon's still there), and have done numerous other things that you describe in Teen Angst?Naah...
Never have i identified more with a boook than with this one. I read books for escape, but it's like escaping right back into... you guessed it, My Life!

RYAN of CO says: THe part with chloe and jeremy heere i wish it went on for longer adn that stupid brock didnt come in

Rocio of CA says: i loved the part about the prep for the Stuy Test [Teen Angst? Naaah...] since i can totally relate, even if i didn't do half as well on my own, similar, test :P
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Kathleen of United Kingdom says: I didnt have a favorite part of this book, it was all amazing, i know that I am going to read this book over and over.
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Matthew of New Zealand says: My favourite aspect of both Be More Chill and Teen Angst? Naaah is that the parents (particularly the dads) are portrayed as decent people who are even funny and understanding, rather than as the hysterical losers/ screw up parents that are so ubiquitous in books aimed at young adults.

Janine of CA says: I would say my favourite part would be the whole Aunt Linda
conversation. I mean, I can totally relate. My family acts the same
way. And its the plot revealer... where he's just really honest (...and kinda harsh) about how he sees himself. It's the point where the book
really takes a surrealist turn.

That's my two cents... and more.
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Brian of NC says: My favorite part of Teen Angst? Naaah... had to be the chapter about Nintendo. I, too, was raised by Nintendo. I have also had the video gaming dreams, the infinitesimally numb ass, and the thumb blisters. Mario was my babysitter until the age of thirteen or so, and look at how I turned out!!! And they say crack is dangerous...anyone know the number to Nintendo rehab?
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Robin of CA says: i liked the part when he was about to get laid but he messes up with the nipple ring and ruins it.

Ryn of CA says: God, it's hard to pick just one. In Teen Angst: Probably the part about playing Magic all night. In Be More Chill: The whole forking book. It's just hysterical. :)

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I also considered using a picture of The Forbidden Castle, a choose your own adventure book
Have you read the forbiiiiiden chapter of Be More Chill? Here's the link.