Colorado Springs, CO Gazette

"Teen life can be funny, not simply angst-filled"

First, let’s just say that one reporter finds it especially annoying that a teen-age Magic-playing slacker writes so brilliantly he puts most professional journalists to shame. We’re talking about Ned Vizzini, a 19-year-old who turned his awkward adolescence into a hilarious and poignant book, "Teen Angst? Naaah…" ($12.95, Free Spirit Publishing). In the vein of famed author David Sedaris, Vizzini punches up his life as a Brooklyn teenager with humorous observations. From his vampire-obsessed Mayan best friend who needs medication to get through the day to his crossword-obsessed Mom and femi-Nazi girlfriend hellbent on enjoying her prom, Vizzini shows that high school isn’t all doom and gloom, but can be a little fun. The book is a hoot and teen-age boys—especially so-called nerds who feel they’re just on the fringe of the popular crowd—will enjoy this tale of woe smothered in mirth.